Four broad (mobile) challenges

No two projects have been exactly alike in the fourteen years since we started out. But for easy understanding, we organise our experiences around the four broad challenges we help out on most.

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Quickly shipping high-value, high-impact mobile software

We help new ventures (like The Body Coach) get their first high-stakes product releases out to audiences that are often at scale on day one. 

We help established brands (like Channel 4) get the most from their first meaningful investments in mobile, with a customer experience to match.

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Effectively scaling mobile teams & their operations

We help fast-growing tech companies (like Hopin) scale their mobile engineering teams with good people as they navigate the operational and cultural impacts of constant change.

We help mobile natives (like Glovo) not just to scale their mobile engineering teams but to evolve the systems and practices that ensure rapid, safe, quality deployments to customers at scale too.

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Practically exploring big new ideas in mobile

We help organisations (like Vodafone) discover and then bring new mobile-centred ideas to life. Practical, hands-on innovation projects that actually get into customers’ hands.

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Thoughtfully moving to a “mobile-first” mindset

We help historically web-centric organisations (like AutoScout) weigh their options and start to navigate the changes necessary to put mobile at the heart of their operations.

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We work in two complementary ways

We embed & integrate

We work directly with our clients, embedded in their teams over significant periods of time, getting the job done and the value delivered as one team.

We advise & coach

When helping make practical changes to systems and practices (like moving to mobile-first), we work alongside leaders and their teams to coach them through change.

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Thank you so much for your work, energy, expertise and effort in building an amazing product.

Joe Wicks MBE
The Body Coach

We helped fitness brand ‘The Body Coach’ get their first high-stakes Android product release out to a ready and waiting audience.

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We’re engineering-led and product primed

Mobile engineering has always been at the heart of the value we create, but discovering and delivering great mobile products is an interdisciplinary sport.

To keep our product skillset sharp, we maintain a small, experienced team of designers, agile coaches and product people at Novoda. They teach, coach, support our good projects, and help our clients directly with practical, problem-solving support too.

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Who we’re best at helping

We’re a boutique (that means good, but small and focused) mobile engineering company that values its people over profit. We care about what we create and the footprints we leave after a project’s wrapped.

We make a fantastic partner when:

  1. Mobile’s central to what you’re doing now or to your future plans. If mobile’s an afterthought, there are better partners for you.
  2. You value collaborating with ten talented team players, over filling your fissures with fifty average engineers (we’re not a blue-chip consultancy).
  3. Like us, you put a premium on all things ‘good’. Good people, good work and good practice. All the good ingredients brought together to make (really) good things happen. 

Not everyone we meet puts the same emphasis on these criteria (and that’s okay!). But when we meet our match, good things really DO happen.

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