The ‘mobile-first‘ mantra is on the rise

Long gone are the times when ‘mobile first’ meant ‘look, our website’s responsive!’. Life’s more complex for technology leaders these days. For many, the definition of ‘digital transformation’ has shifted once again, and ‘mobile’ sits at its heart.

In our mobile-accelerated, post-Covid world, ‘Mobile-first’ means ‘mobile at the heart of operations, culture and customer experience’. ‘Mobile-first’ means ‘mobile now or miss the boat’.

‘Mobile-first’ is a live topic in the boardroom, and those responsible for technology must come armed with answers.

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Mastering the mobile-first mission

We’ve headed onto the frontline of the mobile-first movement in search of those answers:

  • The masters unpacked:
    What do the very best mobile-first companies look like on the inside? How do they organise, prioritise, strategise, operate and lead?
  • The path to mastery:
    Boardroom battles or scarcity of skills? Cultural sticking points or technological trauma? What are the real highs and lows on the path to mastery?
  • Accelerating progress: 
    From mobile-specific DevOps practice to team profiles – what are the critical levers when looking for traction and accelerated positive change?
Mobile First mastery report open

Spreading the good word

We’ll be sharing what we discover in a field guide filled with practical pointers, supportive stories and illuminating insights early in 2023.

We hope those learnings make the mobile-first mission more manageable for those stepping up and trying to make change happen.

Read more about our motivations, plans and progress.

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Join our mobile-first study

Are you on the path to mobile-first mastery? Your fellow technology leaders need you!

Are you a technology leader:

  1. Guiding an up-and-coming or already super successful mobile-first organisation?
  2. Somewhere in the ‘messy middle’ of putting mobile at the heart of your operation?
  3. Searching for mobile momentum, trying to win your team over with a compelling case for change?

If you can part with a little of your precious time and share a candid tale or two from your experiences pursuing mobile-first mastery, we’d love to hear from you.

Get early access to the field guide

Whilst we’re knee-deep in research just now, we’ll be posting a ‘beta’ guide soon after the results are in. So sign up here for early access.