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We bring good things to Life

Whether advising you through sensemaking and strategy, supporting you through scaling and change, or getting stuck in (as one) with your delivery teams – we embed super-talented Mobile Product Engineers with you until the outcomes you’re after are realised.

Operation successfully scaled, change transformed into traction, and good things brought to life. Mission accomplished. If mobile is critical to your business and you put a premium on working with good people, then we should talk!

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‘‘The contribution from Novoda to
the Glovo ecosystem is remarkable.’’

Learn how we’ve been helping mobile-native technology company, Glovo, deliver on its scaling strategy since way back in 2018.

Illustration of hands reaching into a jar surrounded by electrical sparks

Good people are like lightning

Getting good people on deck to deliver your business-boosting ideas is hard work, no matter the challenge. But when you DO manage to bring those good people together, you’re on the path to building truly transformative teams.

We rarely meet leaders who are short on ideas and inspiration. What’s usually scarce is (enough) good people to cut through and deliver on those ideas. And when it comes to mobile product engineering, those good folk are harder to pin down than ever.

You’re now living through a Covid-accelerated talent crisis, where super-experienced engineers have become some of the scarcest lightning bolts in the atmosphere!

They also happen to be the foundation of our business.

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Novoda is
the home of
good people

We’re a purpose-led business on a mission to create a little more good in the world by investing in being (really) good at what we do.

Our purpose helps us to attract some of the most experienced, product-minded problem solvers from within the mobile engineering community.

That makes us very lucky! And if you partner with us, you’ll share that good fortune too. Our people can help you get more good work done sooner with healthier, happier outcomes for your teams and business too.

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We give good businesses a helping hand

We want to make access to deep mobile expertise an easy choice for organisations working to bring positive impact projects to life. An option that often means a substantial tradeoff in cost vs. impact.

So we’ve introduced ‘The Good Profit Pledge’ – our commitment to working on positive impact projects whilst covering just the bare minimum of our costs.

If you’re working for a purpose-driven organisation, figuring out how to bring your next good project to life, we’d love to explore how we might help.

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Join our ‘Mobile First Mastery’ study

Ever wonder what makes the most outstanding mobile-centred organisations tick? Why are they winning? And what might you learn from them to accelerate your own progress?

Well, we’ve been wondering too. And we’ve turned that wonder into an ongoing, practical, industry-wide study – Mobile First Mastery.

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Forging a Good Future

When we talk about ‘Good people’ here at Novoda, we mean we’re great to work with and are (really) good at what we do. But we also mean we share a real passion for making a positive impact.

Today we’re baby steps into a giant’s journey, discovering just how much good we can manifest with the time, energy and expertise we have to give.

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