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Novoda in
a Nutshell

We’re a privately owned, boutique mobile engineering company helping organisations of all shapes and sizes do their best work on mobile.

Recently we’ve put our heads and hearts into changing our business for the better. We’re still doing great work on mobile for our clients, but now we’re trying to bring a little more good to life too. We’re on a journey to becoming a business for good.

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We’re the home of
Good People

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We’re biased, of course, but for us, the people who call Novoda home make our business special. Good people (some of the best!), really good at what they do, who are good to be around, and looking to put a little more goodness into the world than they take out.

Bringing good people together around a shared purpose is a simple act to imagine but one of the hardest to pull off well. That’s why our help’s in such high demand.

We’ve worked hard together to make Novoda the home of good people, and we’re super proud of these fine folk who’ve put their heads and hearts into making good on our mission.

What we do for a
higher purpose

‘How can we best invest our time, energy and expertise to create as much good as possible in the World?’

We don’t have a fully formed answer yet, but we’ve set out to find out.

The energy we bring to our client work, the great people we attract to our team, the projects we’re drawn to and the investments we make are all driven by this emerging sense of purpose.

We’ll be sharing our purposeful progress in the coming months, but for now, you can learn a little more over at our blog.

Read our relaunch blog post

Our ‘Good
Business’ Journey

We’re in the early stages of our good business journey (the foothills ahead of the mountain), but we have a few projects underway that are guiding our first steps:

The B110 Project

What happens after we complete B-Corp certification in early 2023? There’s a lot more we can do to help our people prosper, and ‘The B110 Project’ is our way of ensuring we deliver.

The Good Profit Pledge

How can we do more work for clients that positively impact people and planet? The Good Profit Pledge is our way of exploring how to do more for those clients for much, much less.

The Good Future Factory

How can we put our spare time and energy to work in the service of good? We’ve created The Good Future Factory to learn new skills and apply existing ones to projects that directly impact the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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We’re a business built on partnership

While small in size, we’re big on impact, and partnership helps that happen. Whether bolstering our teams for projects at a serious scale or helping us forge a positive path into the future. The power of partnership gives us a modern flavour and a competitive edge, and we’re always looking to expand our network. So if you’re good partner material, we’d love to hear from you!

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